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Provisional Patent Application “Do-it-yourself” Kit

ONLY $29.99

Backed by our Risk Free, Money Back Guarantee

Easily learn the basics of writing a valid (Provisional or full Utility) Patent Specification.

PPA Kit Contents | PPA Kit Introduction | PPA Kit Index | PPA Kit Testimonials | Order Page


Provisional Patent Application (PPA) Kit:

Step-by-step instructions on how to prepare and file a provisional patent application

 Patent Pending Do-it-yourself Provisional Patent Application Kit e-Book    
Ø All required forms
Ø Informal drawing preparation
Ø Easy, plain-English templates, explanations, examples, tips, and checklists    


Searching for prior-art



Reuse the PPA kit for each idea you want PPA protection for Ø and, much, much more...

The 150+ page, electronic PPA Do-it-yourself Kit is focused on enabling you to efficiently prepare and file your own legally valid PPA to immediately attain “Patent-Pending” status and protect your ideas. Unlike a regular patent application, with our guidance, a PPA can be written by an average person in simple, plain English. When you file a PPA at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, you may legally use the “Patent-Pending” term, and it creates an filing date for your idea that proves you were the "first to invent." A PPA is usually the best way to go if you want to secure your patent rights and preliminary protection without having to spend thousands for a full utility patent before you determine whether your invention is worth the upfront investment. In this way, our PPA Kit and supporting services help you save thousands of dollars in utility patent application, Attorney fees by, instead, getting “Patent-Pending” status through the PPA- for very little money and time. In short, with this “Patent-Pending” status, you get an extra year to safely use or disclose your idea to investors/licensees to determine the value of your idea before investing thousands. This PPA Kit was published in 2003 and is up to date with the latest Provisional Patent Application templates, checklists, forms, guidelines, laws, rules, and procedures.


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