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PPA Kit/Guide eBook agreements

The following is a list of very valuable, sample contracts and/or agreements that are included in the PPA Kit/Inventor's Guide for you to modify according to the particulars of your situation:

Included Sample Contracts and Agreements

  1. Multimedia Development And License Agreement
  2. Technical Information Agreement Between Licensor And Licensee
  3. Publishing Agreement (Exclusive License) For Computer Program And Documentation
  4. Software Agreement Between Licensor And Licensee Software Agreement
  5. Joint Invention Ownership Agreement
  6. Agreement Concerning the Assignment of Patent Rights
  7. Bilateral Patent License Agreement-All Patents
  8. Agent-Inventor Agreement
  9. Inventor Revenue Distribution Agreement [Academic]
  10. Agreement Of Joint Commercialization
  11. Confidential Disclosure Agreement
  12. Material Transfer Contract
  13. Sponsored Research Contract
  14. Computer Software License Agreement
  15. Exclusive License Agreement
  16. Shrink Wrap License
  17. Single User Software License Agreement
  18. Multi-User Software License Agreement
  19. Software Acquisition Agreement
  20. Software Acquisition Agreement
  21. Security Agreement
  22. Software Escrow Agreement
  23. Independent Contractor Agreement for Consultant
  24. Independent Contractor Agreement For Creative Contractor
  25. Contract Amendment Form
  26. Publicity/Privacy Release
  27. Independent Contractor Agreement For Software Consultant


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