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We have just begun compiling our Testimonial/Reviews list, and there is more to come. Here's what people are saying about our Provisional Patent Application Do-it-yourself Kit and Inventor’s Guide:

Professional Reviews


"Unquestionably the most comprehensive book about the subject of Provisional Patent Applications (PPA) available. At the front of the book is a 'Service Comparison Matrix' for those who wish MORE SERVICE at LESS COST. It offers inventors a very unique menu of service levels ranging from 'do-it-yourself' all the way to 'full service and filing.'

One can get a feel for the author's attention to important detail by just looking over the Table of Contents -- seven pages!! A reference index in itself.

The book makes clear that inventors must make a judgment call about the potential market value of their invention. Of course, every new idea seems like a 'winner' at first; but when the decision to start spending money comes into play more practical thoughts should enter the inventor's head. There are the plans for disclosures, prototypes, manufacturing strategies, financing, marketing, etc. If the inventor decides he/she must file a PPA to buy time to accomplish all those things, he/she will learn from this book that a PPA is not merely a disclosure document before the real work starts; but is, instead, a formal document that, if done properly as instructed, can create that most vital 'last step' in the paper trail towards a full patent application. The inventor learns that if the PPA and the inventor's actions are treated casually, he/she may lose important rights to full invention protection, and it is shown how to avoid this from happening.

The four page introduction in Mr. Bentolila's book is by far some of the most important information an inventor will ever read. He has crafted a detailed guide for taking an inventor's 'concept' to the level of 'invention' that is required to do the job right and file a valuable PPA on your own. When his introduction is digested and understood, each part of the rest of this amazing book takes on a special importance that illustrates its unique value."

Don Costar
Founder of the Nevada Inventors Association and a friend of Jerome Lemelson -- the most prolific inventor of the modern era

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