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corporate services

Outside Legal Support
Technology assistance in patent related issues
In-house organization staff support
Patent Strategies
IP Portfolio Assessment/Development
Corporate Patent Program Assessment/Development
Patents and Marketing
Technical Due Diligence Invention Analysis

Our practice is oriented towards serving the unique goals and requirements of small business and individual inventors. Key to our success is our quality client service, broad capabilities, cost containment strategies, and extreme flexibility in working with our clients to right-size IP protection to suit their particular needs.

For small businesses, Bay Area IP's right-sized IP protection approach facilitates building a larger patent portfolio. Our practice further supports the needs of small business by way of providing consulting services that leverage our expertise in strategic marketing, high-technology, IP practice, and IP portfolio management towards bringing coherence and increased synergistic value to corporate efforts and assets thereby significantly improving the company's competitive advantage.

Our unified set of complementary services including IP development, searching, protection, strategy, marketing, and technology support uniquely enable Bay Area IP to efficiently understand and align our work product to your needs as a whole.


Outside Legal Support

Bay Area IP supports legal practitioners in many ways including litigation support, (in)validity searches, due diligence, and preparing technical arguments.† We also have experience in legal opinion support such as making technical arguments for or against patent infringement/validity interpretations.


 Technology assistance in patent related issues

A Bay Area IP high technology specialist can assist your organization in many ways, such as the following cases:

       Another's product infringes your patent but you need to prove it.

       Another's †product is believed to be infringing your patent but how their product functions is unclear.

       You need to design your product around another's patent or prior-art; e.g., engineering or reverse engineering a competitor's patented product.

       You need a technical description of how a patent or prior-art works.

       You need technical arguments for or against patent infringement/validity interpretations.

To get started and to learn more about each other we off a free initial consultation. To take advantage of this offer, just provide us your contact information at our Free consultation request web page. Fees for our patent and/or technical services are billed hourly and are quoted upon request. To request a quote [Click Here].

In-house staff patent services support

Bay Area IP serves our clientís in-house staff by being available on short notice to handle their various patent related needs.† Often the service required includes rush jobs such as imminent bar dates and prior-art searches, or to assist in resolving complex cases.

Patent Strategy

Our hands-on experience in high-tech corporate IP management is what sets Bay Area IPís patent strategy consulting practice apart from most of our competition.† Our modern strategic approach aligns your organizationís patent pipeline with a coherent corporate focus that most effectively develops your scope of patent protection in the context of your companyís competitive landscape.† We find that functional divisions of most companies (e.g., sales, marketing, R&D, etc.) do not have a unified patent picture or strategy and, instead, use valuable resources inefficiently.† Our strategic patent analysis program implements a three step organization-wide methodology comprising assessment, analysis, and optimization.† First, we assess internal and competitive patent efforts and impact.† Second, we analyze the patent assessment against your companyís goals.† Finally, we create a summary report that includes written recommendations for an optimization program that more effectively focuses your patent prosecution, acquisition, and development efforts towards an optimal patent portfolio that maximizes your competitive advantage.† Beyond a written report, we can also present these findings to your management team.† Many organizations find a formal presentation to management to be the most efficient way of synchronizing top decision makers to the companyís patent portfolio position, and speeds consensus on optimal strategic options.


 IP Portfolio Assessment/Development

Our firm often finds that small businesses have a significant amount of scattered, unprotected, and unleveraged intellectual property.† Using a common sense approach, Bay Area IP works with contacts throughout your organization to catalog and prioritize existing IP assets towards increasing your competitive advantage. †Once we appraise your IP assets, we work with management to determine, in the context of your goals, what IP assets are most likely to be worth development and/or protection.


Corporate Patent Program Assessment/Development

In todayís fast paced, high-technology business environment your companyís competitive edge depends on its ability to innovate and protect future products in the market place.† In the heat of competing, many small companies overlook making there employees aware of what patents are and what they must do to maximize your companyís patent rights.† Even a basic understanding of patent bar date events, what is an invention, and invention documentation can go a long way towards preventing mistakes that can limit or preclude patent protection. †In addition to a corporate patent awareness program, many companies benefit from implementing a patent program that encourages their staff to bring innovative solutions to managementís attention for patenting consideration.†

Bay Area IP has experience in establishing policies and procedures to create or strengthen a companyís patent program.† We also can deliver formal presentations to your in-house personnel on a wide variety of patent related topics.


 Patents and Marketing

Our firmís experience in marketing and patents serves our clientís marketing efforts in the creation of marketing collateral that optimally leverages their patent portfolio.† The marketing collateral we generate ranges from brochures and trade show material to annual reports and investor material.† Our service ranges from assisting you in preparation to writing it from scratch.† Beyond enhancing the marketing value of your patent portfolio, we screen your marketing collateral for language that could mislead the public as to your patentís scope.


Technical Due Diligence Invention Analysis

We produce a Due Diligence Report that includes a technical evaluation of an invention you are investigating for licensing or purchase. †The goal of this report is to provide you with a critical analysis and recommendation of whether it is worthwhile for you to license or purchase the considered invention.† The report often identifies weaknesses in the invention/product (e.g., problems like inoperability, logistics, costs, government regulations, etc.) before you invest in acquiring rights to the invention.† Our areas of expertise cover many active high technology fields.†  

The Due Diligence Report begin with an overview of the invention/product under consideration.† The report follows with the substantial technical problems discovered, such as problems related to the design, packaging, manufacture, or regulatory issues.† The lead times to produce the report usually range from three to four weeks, or less.† Your must submit adequate information to locate and access a detailed enabling description of the invention/product before we can begin working on your report. 


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