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concept development

The Principal of Bay Area Intellectual Property Group (Bay Area IP), as an accomplished inventor, researcher, engineer, and technician, is available to assist you in developing your idea(s) into a practical, working system. Whether you need to "work out the kinks", or overcome "show stopper" problems, he can apply his extensive knowledge and "out of the box" thinking towards solving conceptual or technical difficulties.

As a technical consultant, having intellectual property expertise, he can also help you identify and/or develop a sufficient inventive step necessary to secure patent protection, or engineer around an existing patent. In some cases, a combination of concept development and Patent Consultation proves essential to sufficiently developing your invention for strong patent protection, and maximal competitive advantage for consideration by venture capitalist, and industry, who often require the individual inventor to have a relatively commercialized invention that has a high quality "Patent-Pending" protection.

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