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document writing

Invention Description Document

We prepare a document that describes your product or invention in simple terms that are written with a future U.S. patent application in mind.  The scope of the description covers a basic overview of your product/invention’s distinguishing features.  The general format of the invention disclosure is as follows, in order:

  1. An invention description overview.
  2. The distinguishing features are set forth.
  3. The product/invention is functionally described.
  4. A description of the known and anticipated benefits.
  5. Identification of known and anticipated variations, including additional benefits, if any.
A unique aspect of our service is that a registered patent practitioner prepares your invention Invention Description Document to make sure it is written in language of sufficient formality and detail to be support a future patent.  There is at least a twofold advantage to having your Invention Description Document prepared in patent language instead of simply good technical writing.  First, is that it helps assure that language in your report will not hurt you in future patent prosecution, or patent litigation.  A second advantage is that some portion of the invention description can be used in a future patent application by taking advantage of our special cost reduction programs.  However, even though most IP firms may not offer a similar cost reduction opportunity, if you do decide to choose another firm to handle your patent application, the clear legal invention disclosure language in our reports tends to significantly improve the quality of their draft.

Given that the Invention Invention Description Document, as compared to our Technical Analysis Report, includes significantly more detail about your invention or design, and it, further, does not analyze weaknesses of your invention/design, your Invention Invention Description Document may be more suitable for submission to decision makers, such as potential venture capitalist or invention licensees/purchasers.

For cost and how to order online, visit our fee schedule page.  Please email us if you have any questions.


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