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engineering consulting

Invention/product Development Consultation

Technical Efficacy Analysis


Invention/product Development Consultation:

Bay Area IP can work with you at each step of the invention/product development process offering the extensive technical expertise and knowledge you may need to turn your great idea into a practical implementation or prototype.  The principal of Bay Area IP has a long multi-discipline engineering and scientific history of creatively solving high and low technology problems with efficient solutions and methodologies that make things happen, even in the face of “show stopper problems.”  Often, we can identify potential problems and offer solutions before your idea is reviewed by manufacturers, licensors, and industry.  Our areas of technical expertise cover a wide variety of very active high technology areas.

 Technical Efficacy Analysis:

We produce a report that includes an evaluation of your invention from a technical and pragmatic point of view.  The goal of this report is to provide you with a critical independent analysis and recommendation of whether it is worthwhile to attain patent protection.  The Efficacy Analysis Report is also very helpful for clients that have already applied for patent protection, or actually have a patent.  The report often identifies weaknesses in the invention/product (e.g., logistical, cost, government regulation, etc.) before you invest in marketing or producing it.  A unique aspect of our service is that a registered patent practitioner prepares your Technical Efficacy Report to make sure it is written in formal patent language.  There is at least a twofold advantage to having your report prepared in patent language instead of simply good technical writing.  First, is that it helps assure that language in the report will not hurt you in future patent prosecution, or patent litigation.  A second advantage is that some portion of the invention description can be used in a future patent application by taking advantage of our special cost reduction programs.  However, even though most IP firms may not offer a similar cost reduction opportunity, if you choose another firm to handle your patent application, the clear legal invention disclosure language in our reports tends to significantly improve the quality of their draft. 

The Technical Efficacy Report starts with an invention overview according to your invention disclosure presented to us.  The report follows with the important technical problems discovered, such as problems related to the design, packaging, manufacture, or regulatory issues.  The lead times to produce the report, after receiving your disclosure, usually range from three to four weeks, or less.  Your disclosure must include a complete and detailed written description, including copies of any invention/product drawings or pictures.

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