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marketing consulting

Our Areas of expertise include the following aspects of product marketing:

Ø     Marketing Collateral:

Our firm’s experience in marketing and patents serves our client’s marketing efforts in the creation of marketing collateral that optimally leverages their intellectual property.  The marketing collateral generated ranges from brochures and tradeshow material to annual reports and investor material.  Our Marketing Consulting service ranges from assisting you in marketing collateral preparation to writing it from scratch.  Our marketing oriented, Patent Consulting service enhances the marketing value of your intellectual property by screening your marketing collateral for language that could mislead the public as to your each patent’s scope.

Ø     Business Plans (esp. for high-Technology Products):

We provide you with detailed analysis and help you prepare a business plan that will be more favorably scored by venture capitalist, and lays a solid track for effective product development, launch, revenue generation, and contingency management.

Ø     Project Risk Assessment

Before investing new risk capital into your product, we provide you with a detailed opportunity-cost analysis that paints a decision landscape for you to more optimally invest your resources and efforts towards the most likely path to achieve favorable results, or in some cases, to establish contingencies that avert failure.

Ø     Market Adoption Assessment

This analysis projects your product’s expected market adoption rates given many factors that include the particulars of the market you serve, your competitive advantages, marketing initiatives, and business fundamentals.  The results of our Market Adoption Assessment can feed directly into creating a more optimal Business Plan.

Ø     Product Due Diligence Evaluation:

Discover your products weaknesses and strengths in the marketplace before investing risk capital.  We provide you with detailed, thoughtful, and candid analysis of how industry and consumers may view your product’s value and practicality.


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