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In-house patent staff inundated?
Is Festo concerning you?
Department budget becoming increasingly inefficient?
Are you receiving uncaring service from large law firms who have first year associates work your case?
Need help with technology and various patent related issues/services?


In-house patent staff inundated? 

Sending excess patent work to Bay Area Intellectual Property Group can be a cost effective way to reduce your docket backlog to a manageable level.  We can help you avoid costly extension fees, and the even more costly loss of patent term resulting from the new term extension act.  Many corporations and organizations have found it a more effective option than to use in-house attorneys or large Patent Law Firms. 

Is Festo concerning you?

You definitely should be.  The Doctrine of Equivalents is under significant attack by Festo , resulting in a much reduced scope of Patent protection, especially in cases of careless patent drafting or prosecution.  Bay Area IP is intimately aware of the impact of Festo, and continually tracks the impact of all relevant court decisions.  Many IP firms, and in-house staff, have not yet incorporated the “best practices” that address Festo, and other court cases.  Their indifference or lack of awareness can cost you dearly, and result in a largely worthless piece of paper that you thought was an otherwise valuable patent.  Do not risk contaminating your application’s file wrapper, contact Bay Area IP to explore your best interests. 

Department budget becoming increasingly inefficient? 

Maintain your patent department’s annual budget while reducing stress on your in-house personnel.  Bay Area IP, unlike some large firms, will not hide charges (e.g., for everyday communications and notices) that run up your monthly bill.  We only charge you upon completion of work related to filings at the USPTO as set forth in our written price quotation- you do not have to worry about invoicing surprises. 

Are you receiving uncaring service from large law firms who have first year associates work you case?

Bay Area IP gives each client individual attention and concern.  We like to think of ourselves as a partner in your cause.  As a corporate client your case will be handled directly by our founder whose future growth is invested in your long-term happiness.  At Bay Area IP you will not get lost as noise in a large firm’s practice, which practice often results in botched or perpetually prosecuted cases.  When you transfer your “problem” cases to us, you can rest assured that not only will we clean up the poor, inattentive, work of other firms, but also we make sure to move the case efficiently forward with your best interests in mind. 

Need help with technology and various patent related issues/services?

A high technology specialist can be of service to your organization in many ways such as the following:

·       Your competitor's product infringes your patent but you need to prove it.

·       You need to design your product around a competitor's patent or prior-art.

·       You need a technical description  how a patent works or prior-art

·       Your competitor's product is believed to be infringing your patent but how their product functions is unclear.

·       You need technical arguments for or against patent infringement/validity interpretations


For information on how to get started and to learn about our free initial consultation offer go to our get started page at our home page.

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