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our patent applications services

A FAQ/Help Guide to Our Patent Services
Non-provisional, utility patents
Patentability opinions
Provisional patents
Plant and Design Patents
International Patents
Corporate support services

Provisional Patent Application

Utility Patent Application

Design Patent Application

Patent Research

Low-cost, gives you fast "Patent Pending" & 1 year to file for a Utility Patent.
Best quality, protects useful structures, functions, & and methods. from $1200
Protects an article's appearance from being copied.
Before investing time and money, we research your idea's likely patentability.

Do-it-Yourself $29.99-$49.99

Great for Artists, product designers, etc. from $249
Do-it-Yourself with Our Help $99-$500
We draft/file your PPA from $700


Non-provisional, utility patents

Non-provisional patents are best suited for those who have relatively high confidence that their invention is marketable, and seek a higher quality patent that is more likely to be valuable enough to sell/license, and/or be strong enough to provide commercial protection in litigation.  The non-provisional patent process generally consists of invention development, searching for prior-art, getting a patentability opinion, applying for a patent, and prosecuting the application until the patent is awarded. 

Patentability opinions

We provide patentability opinions by analyzing the results of a detailed prior-art search.  The patentability opinion is rendered by a Bay Area IP registered patent professional who evaluates the most relevant references found in the prior-art search, and determines how they effect patentability in the context of your disclosure.  The written opinion serves as a basis for the inventor/company to decide whether the investment in prosecuting a patent application is worthwhile, or if they should redesign their invention around the prior-art.

Provisional patents

Bay Area IP recognizes that individual and small business inventors sometimes need a very low cost provisional “patent-pending” protection mechanism that they can use for market testing their invention before investing in a non-provisional patent, and at other times need a high quality provisional application to protect a potentially seminal invention.  That is why we offer two categories of service- the first is our quality oriented provisional application service, which serves clients who wish to have a relatively good quality follow-on non-provisional application.  The second category of service provides a vehicle for the “do-it-yourself” individual inventors who are more concerned about attaining a “patent pending” status at little cost so they can test market their invention to determine its value before investing significant funds.  We refer to this category of provisional application as our low-cost "Patent-Pending” service. 

Plant and Design Patents

Other types of patent we prosecute are Plant and Design patents.  Plant patents protect asexually reproduced varieties of plants.  Design patents are given for new "ornamental" designs.


International Patents

In addition to our above domestic patent practice, we extend your patent protection internationally through the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).  Through the PCT mechanism, we submit an international patent application based on your US patent application.

Corporate support services

Our corporate support services help in-house patent staff who find themselves inundated and sometimes unable to keep up with current “best practices” in light of recent court decisions.  Bay Area IP’s IP focus, great service, and technical expertise helps small businesses decrease their patent budgetary costs, and improve patent quality.


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