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We use technology to increase efficiency and lower cost (and save time and trees!)

As part of Bay Area Intellectual Property Group’s (Bay Area IP) continual commitment to leveraging technology where it increases productivity, convenience, and cost reduction, we provide a variety of on-line ways to optimize the drawing submission and correction process.  The following online services are available to our clients residing anywhere in the world:

1.   Online Ordering allows you to submit your service requests, including any attachment files, online with prompt order confirmation.

2.   Status reports e-mailed to you on-demand, allowing you to track the status of your account and all outstanding projects electronically.

3.   Secure e-mail notification when a particular job is done, an important milestone is reached, or if a day-to-day matter requires your attention or awareness.

4.   Secure e-mail invoicing to facilitate billing management.

5.   Drafts are sent to you and you can submit to us reviewed drafts, including any markups, all by way of secure email.

6.   Online, near real-time conferencing enabling efficient remote collaboration that includes any combination of the following:

a.    Streaming Video/Audio – can be limited or impractical due to your bandwidth and/or network configuration.

b.    A virtual whiteboard (secure) that acts as a common drawing board for each party in the conference call to markup together with one of our patent and/or drawing professionals.  Any image, such as a patent drawing, can be pasted to the whiteboard and marked up by all parties to the call.  We find that this method can be much more efficient and cost effective at communicating ideas and corrections than shipping paper markups overnight.

c.     Interactive text (secure) - when audio or video connections are not possible, or security concern precludes there use, interactive text can be a preferred mode of communication.

d.    File transfer (secure) – a convenient capability to exchange files impromptu during the meeting.

Taking advantage of our online services is easy for the vast majority our clients

Our online services boost our quality of service and deliver an efficient and timely solution to many critical IP related needs, especially for remote clients that we may not be able to meet with face-to-face.  Bay Area IP provides online technical support documentation to our clients and we are always available to help you work through technical problems so that you can benefit from our online services technology.

We are always next door

By leveraging current technology where it makes sense, Bay Area IP delivers our suite of quality services to you no matter where you are located.

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