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Through our DC office: we offer patent research at USPTO EAST- the same system/methods used by Patent Examiners.
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Over 12 years of Patent Bar Practice

Clients do not use Google Checkout anymore, yet for those few that did we provide their unbiased rating of our legal patent prosecution services procured via Google Checkout. We continually strive for high client satisfaction.

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Simple purchase. Mr Bentolila is very knowledgeable and easy to work with.  
Sep 24, 2012 

Highest degree of professional insight. Extreme attention to detail, profound knowledge of USPTO requirements and workings. I highly recommend this firm.  
Sep 6, 2012 

I have a patent application in the works. They are taking care of business.  
Mar 30, 2012 

Excellent experience. Easy to purchase online, and the patent search was detailed and informative.  
Mar 25, 2012 

My patent experience with Bay Area IP has been very positive. They performed a patent search, patent opinion, and filed both my Provisional patent and my Utility patent applications. The patent application instructions were very thorough and I was very satisfied with the final patent appliciation. I felt that Bay Area IP really undrstood my complex mechanical invention and they worked hard to make my patent application as strong as possible. All work was performed for the quoted prices and these prices were much lower than the quotes I got from other firms. A year after the patent application...  more » 
Mar 21, 2012 

They made every attempt to assist me, and took care of all issues and concerns. The process took a bit longer than I was initially told, and accessing some needed sites could have been easier. They took care of redoing my sketches exactly as needed, meeting the deadline, at no additional charge. Thank you!!  
Mar 20, 2012 

excellent service,fantastic information. This firm helped with ALL aspects-they were genuine, helpful, knowledgeable and very affordable. They worked with me in ALL areas!. The head IP lawyer,Ariel , is so good at his job he showed where another firm was so reckless at their "help". His whole entire staff knows what is going on because they have succeeded. You will NOT waste your time with BAIP  
Mar 8, 2012 

Very professional. Thoroughly explained the entire process. Very Satisfied.  
Feb 24, 2012 

Bay Area IP is a truly professional company. I have received two patents through them and four more patents are pending. Their customer service is top notch. They are always there to assist. Their patent professionals are highly knowledgeable and they got my patents solid claims. I will always use Bay Area IP for all my patent needs.  
Feb 8, 2012 

The Bay Area IP group is very patient and informative. They are a real pleasure to work with  
Jan 8, 2012 

I am completly satisfied with my buying experience. Though I made my purchase very close to the Thanksgiving Holiday, their patent search results were very rapid for the amount of service they provided. I would highly recommend them for any inventor who wants to save money and have a good and legitimate patent search conducted.  
Dec 5, 2011 

We have worked with Bay Area IP under extreme time constraint to file a patent before the expiration of the provisional filing. Bay Area IP responded to our request and successfully file our invention with the USPTO. We are extremely satisfied with the work performed and would recommend this office to anyone looking for a patent attorney.  
Dec 3, 2011 

still in progress  
Nov 11, 2011 

Top notch - delivered when promised and thorough work.  
May 23, 2011 

Great group to work with!  
Feb 10, 2011 

It was nice to do business with Bay area Ip However The system of google checkout is way slower than Paypal Paypal's transaction was very quick but Googlecheck out took 2days and half so I had to cancel google checkout and pay by Paypal About a refund thing The store imediately refunded my money after receiving my request for refund I had to wait for 4 days to recieve refund money Don't use google if it is time sensitive deal  
Jul 12, 2009 

I'm very satisfied with Bay Area IP, LLC. They met my expectations. Working with them remotely was not a problem at all. We had very little time to accomplish so much, but they were able to pull it off and things worked out great. I looked around before chosing them and did not find any other options near their price range.  
Feb 5, 2009 

Dec 5, 2008 

Very high quality work. I was very pleased and impressed with the quality of the results on my project.
Normal U.S. and International Patent ...
Robert King
Jul 20, 2008

(no comment given)
Payment request from Bay Area IP, LLC
Leslie Hanes
Jun 19, 2008

(no comment given)
Basic U.S. Patent Search
Robert K.
Nov 20, 2007

(no comment given)
Payment request from Bay Area IP, LLC
David S.
Nov 19, 2007

They did exactly as they said they would. Good Job
Payment request from Bay Area IP, LLC
Earl V. S.
Nov 9, 2007

(no comment given)
Payment request from Bay Area IP, LLC
Harutaro T.
Oct 24, 2007

(no comment given)
Payment request from Bay Area IP, LLC
Marat G.
Oct 20, 2007

More Client Endorsement

Our Litigation Attorney thought your job on the patent was awesome.
Lance P., Los Angeles, CA
I'd be glad to recommend your firm to any prospective client.  I do appreciate the service you provided to me.
John T., Nashville, TN
After I re-read the Patent, several times, I am finally realizing just how much work you put into it and I have to admire your genius in writing it.  I never realized how much thought went into how you wrote the patent, but its brilliant and I very much appreciate your time, attention and advice.  Thank you so much for explaining claims to me.  I feel much more secure now and understand the FDA and USDA won't be a problem because of how the patent is written.
Mary T., Rainier, WA
I want to thank you for the excellent work that you have done thus far which has surpassed my expectations and thank you for understanding what it is that I want to patent.
John Y., Athens, Greece
Many thanks for the work carried out so far as I have been very impressed with the level of service. Thank you very much for making it happen with such a tight deadline! I will definately recommend your business to anyone requiring patent services in the future.
Paul B., Sussex, United Kingdom
I'm glad I've found a home for my idea's now and thanks for your support and guidance you made it clear and easy. 
Jason S., San Diego, CA
I  knew you were somebody that really did know what they were doing. I have recommended you to many people and I hope someday they will use you as their representative because of what you all do over there.
Bob P., American Canyon, CA
You're amazing! I really do not see how you can write so much information about a simple design like this.  You are brilliant!! I read over the first draft last night and all I have to say is...Perfect!!  I would not change one word of it...You covered every aspect of this product in great detail... Thank you,,,I am very impressed.
Jace S., Florence, AL

I was very happy with your work done on my patent! I feel very confident, that you made it as bullet proof , as possible!
Thanks Again, Ted K., Williamsburg, Ohio
Ariel has been an absolute star. I wish to thank you for a really great job.
George Smith, Laurus Consulting,
Bedfordview, South Africa
Thanks for a job welldone.
Omoko N., Nigeria
I am sorry to make everyone rush around. I am very pleased with all the help and efforts you and your staff have made on my behalf.  Once again awesome work.
Norman K, West Hollywood, CA
The Utility that you JUST sent is AWESOME...Bay Area is Protecting the CONCEPT from ALL Angles.  EXTREMELY WELL is the ENTIRE Document.  Can you Assist us with our OTHER DEVICE? 
Mike C., Managing Partner
CCV & Design MD. Chicago IL
Thank you so much to you all, I'd really appreciated your most excellent professional services.
Noel B., Saudi Arabia
I just read the office action legal Response proper.  I find it elegant and comprehensive; not to forget educational. You allow me to wait in peace. Thank you!
Pedro C., Berkeley, CA
You were very thorough in broadening the claims.  thank you,
Brian C., Reading, MA
I appreciate the thought you put into this endeavor, and the manner in which you articulated the verbiage.
Joe M., Overland Park, KS
I am impressed at how well you understand the device. I am also impressed at the types and amounts of variables you thought of and wisely included. Thank you again, 
Doug R., San Francisco CA
I'm phenomenally impressed by the way.  I know this is your job, but I was concerned about the interpretation of the invention, and you've done extremely well in understanding the nature of it, well done!
Sean St. J., Jupiter, FL
I like how you made the claims very broad and I think you did a great job in preparing my patent application.  I am pleased with the patent application appreciate the work you have done with my patent application.
Greg W., Pasadena CA
I read your ingenious respond on this case to USPTO rejection.
I am so glad I found you and I can proud of your work.
Hiro Otsubo, Otsubo Realty, New York NY
Wow, what an amazing distillation of the invention- extremely detailed write-up!
Hank E., Brookline, MA
the final draft looks fine. I'm very happy with the outcome
Wai Chu, San Jose CA
Thanks for your assistance, ourcompany has always enjoyed working with your firm and you have again proved to us that you do quality work.
Ken Stoney
Edge4 Technologies
I was very impressed with the way you wrote it up. Very minimal changes. I liked the additional variations you implemented into it.
Kirk B., Foresthill, CA
This is a top notch job! I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the original concept document and transforming it into an impressive patent document.
Stephen M., Sarasota, FL
I liked EVERYTHING you did for me: fast and very informative replies, wonderful recommendations, keeping up with your promises, etc.  That is why my feedback to you is not constructive at all. Just keep up with a great job you are doing!
Thank you for it.
Boris A., Santa Clara CA
thank you so much for doing me this favor. I will again seek your services and recommend them to any other makers who have any designs or inventions. It is so nice to work with someone who can give me a break as it is so hard to make a small business succeed with all types of legal fees. I understand that this is a favor from you to me and I really really appreciate it. Thank you.
Jimmy F., Woodland Hills CA
Excellence in delivery, team synergies and meeting my deadline!
Impressed by your command of my case & laser sharp IP.
Dominique B. Forest FL

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