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About the Firm

  • General Overview
  • Re Individual Inventors
  • Re Small Business
  • Our Philosophy
  • Our Edge
  • Our Practice
  • Our Areas of Expertise
  • Territories
  • Languages We Speak

   Principal Bio

  • File Maintenance
  • Submissions
  • Billing and Fees

   Selected Patents

Why Bay Area IP?

  • What is Different About Bay Area Intellectual Property Group?
  • What Kind of Patent Firm is Best For Me?
  • How is Bay Area IP’s Low Overhead to Your Advantage?

Geting Started?

   Suggested Procedures

  • Steps in Attaining a Provisional Patent Application
  • Quality Oriented Provisional Patents
  • Low-Cost Oriented Provisional Patents
  • Steps in Attaining a Non-Provisional Patent Application
  • Requesting An IP (E.G., Patent Or Trademark) Search
  • Becoming a Client of the Firm
  • Disclosure Meeting

   Initial Consultation

  • What to Do First
  • Initial Consultation Cost
  • How to Request An Initial Consultation
  • Conditions Governing the Initial Consultation


  • If You Are On a Very Strict Budget (Below $600)
  • If You Have a Tight Budget ($700-$1500)
  • If You Have a Less Constrained Budget ($1500-$3000)


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A FAQ/Help Guide to Our Services


  • Utility/Non-Provisional Patents
  • Patentability Opinions
  • Provisional Patents
  • Plant and Design Patents
  • International Patents

   Patent Applications

     Povisional Patent Do-it-youself Kit

     Provisional Patent Applications


  • In-House Patent Staff Inundated?
  • Is Festo Concerning You?
  • Department Budget Becoming Increasingly Inefficient?
  • Are You Receiving Uncaring Service From Large Law Firms?
  • First Year Associates Working Your Case?
  • Need Help with Technology and Various Patent Related Issues/Services?

     Utility/Regular Patents

     Foreign Entities
     Patentability Opinions


  • Trademark Basics
  • Types of Searches
    • Words/Acronyms/Slogans
    • Logos/Designs
  • Search Reports


  • Overview
    • About Our IP Searching Practice
    • Why It Matters Who Performs Your Search
    • A Highlight of Our Searching Methodology
    • Our Searching Services
    • What Search Reports Generally Include
    • How to Get Started
    • How Good is a Patent Search?
  • Trademark
    • Trademark Basics
    • Types of Searches
      • Words/Acronyms/Slogans
      • Logos/Designs
    • Search Reports
  • Patent
    • Why It is Important to Conduct a Patent Prior-Art Search
    • Prior Art Search/Pre-Examination Search
    • Non-Patent Literature Search
    • Foreign Patent Prior-Art Search
    • Validity Search
    • What Search Reports Include
  • Flat Rate Patent Search

    ü Basic Patent Search      $300.00
    ü Normal Patent Search   $400.00
    ü Advanced Patent Search  $500.00

  • Marketing/Product
    • Infringement Search
    • Clearance Search
    • Collection Search
    • State of the Art Search
  • Miscellaneous
    • Assignment/Inventor Search

Corporate Services

  • Outside Legal Support
  • Technology Assistance in Patent Related Issues
  • In-House Staff Support
  • Patent Strategies
  • IP Portfolio Assessment/Development
  • Corporate Patent Program Assessment/Development
  • Patents and Marketing
  • Technical Due-Diligence Invention Analysis

   Invention Development

   Formal Drawings

  • What Sets Our Patent Drawing Service Apart?
  • Cost Reduction Program
  • Procedures

   Document Services 

Intellectual Property Information


  • What Are Patents, Trademarks, Servicemarks, and Copyrights?
  • What is a Patent?
  • What is a Trademark or Servicemark?
  • What is a Copyright?
  • A Comparison of Various Types of Intellectual Property

   Glossary of Patent/IP Terms

   Patents (the patent process visually)
        General Info

    • Functions of the Patent and Trademark office
    • Patent laws
    • What can be patented
    • Novelty and other conditions for obtaining a paten
    • The United States Patent and Trademark offic
    • General information and correspondence
    • Attorneys and agents
    • Attorney/Agent-client confidentiality
    • Disclosure Document
    • Who may apply for a patent
    • Application for patent
    • Oath or declaration, signature
    • About filing fees 
    • Specification (description and claims)
    • Drawing
    • Models, exhibits, specimens
    • Examination of applications and proceedings in the Patent and Trademark office
    • Restrictions
    • Amendments to application
    • Time for reply and abandonment
    • Publication of Patent Applications
    • Appeal to the Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences and to the courts
    • Interferences
    • Allowances and issue of patent
    • Patent Term Extension and Adjustment
    • Nature of patent and patent rights
    • About maintenance fees
    • Correction of patents
    • Assignments and licenses
    • Infringement of patents
    • Patent marking and "patent pending"
    • Design patents
    • Plant patents
    • Treaties and foreign patents
    • Foreign applicants for United States patents
    • Fees and payment (Current PTO Fees)

     Bar Dates

     Provisional Patent Applications

    • Basic Provisional Patent Application (PPA) Features
    • When a PPA May Be a Good Idea
    • When a PPA May NOT Be a Good Idea
    • Cautions to Be Aware of
    • Important Warnings

     Utility/Non-Provisional Applications

  • Parts of a non-Provisional, Utility Patent Specification
    • Background of the Invention
    • Brief Summary of the Invention
    • Brief Description of the Several Views of the Drawing
    • Detailed Description of the Invention
    • Claim or Claims
    • Abstract of the Disclosure
    • Information Disclosure Statement
  • Prosecution Related Issues
  • Prosecution History Estoppel
  • Claim Interpretation
  • Doctrine of Equivalence
  • Court_Decisions
  • Festo
  • Document Maintenance


  • Definition of a Design
  • Types of Designs and Modified Forms
  • Difference Between Design and Utility Patents
  • Improper Subject Matter for Design Patents
  • Invention Development Organizations
  • Elements of a Design Patent Application
  • The Preamble
  • The Title
  • The Figure Descriptions
  • A Single Claim
  • Drawings or Black & White Photographs
  • Color Drawings or Photographs
  • The Views
  • Surface Shading and Drafting Symbols
  • Broken Lines
  • The Design Patent Application Process
  • Drawing Examples
  • Symbols for Draftsmen
  • Patent Laws That Apply to Design Patent Applications
  • Standards for Drawings in a Design Patent Application


  • What is a plant patent?
  • Provisions and limitations
  • Inventorshi
  • Asexual reproduction
  • Rights conveyed by a plant patent
  • the applicatio
  • Content and arrangemen
  • Arrangement of the specificatio
  • Preparation of the applicatio
  • Oath or declaratio
  • The drawin
  • Final preparation and assembl
  • The examinatio

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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